A sexual assault case is launched after a coma patient of ten years gives birth

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In the United States, a lady who was plunged into a vegetative coma a decade ago, gave birth to a baby boy a few days after Christmas.  The Phoenix police in Arizona have opened up an rape inquiry as the vulnerable coma patient was a victim of sexual assault.

After almost drowning ten years ago, the lady at the centre of this case was plunged into a vegetative state.  She remains in  Phoenix Hacienda HealthCare where she receives care 24 hours per day.  Despite this tight surveillance, a few days after Christmas the unthinkable happened.  The young lady gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Apparently no one knew that she was pregnant and couldn’t understand why the patient was moaning. A sexual violation inquest has just been opened up regarding this case.  Sargent Tommy Thompson told Reuters that “This case is currently being investigated by Phoenix police.”

A “deeply disturbing incident”

“As an organisation, Hacienda HealthCare is committed to shedding light on what is an unprecedented case for usstated David Leibowitz the centre’s spokesperson,in an interview.  The centre is aware that this case which implicates one of their residents is a “deeply disturbing incident.”  Leibowitz continued by stating that, “While federal and state privacy laws prohibit us from publicly discussing a patient’s health or case, Hacienda has and will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement and all the relevant regulatory agencies regarding this matter.”.

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This situation has sparked some vocal backlash particularly from Tasha Menaker who heads a charity fighting against domestic and sexual violence in Arizona.  The young women urges the police to take DNA samples of all the workers at the clinic so as to identify the person guilty of this sexual assault.   “It is not uncommon for aggressors to have several victims which is what worries us,” she declared. “Many sexual aggressors look for situations where people are in isolated or vulnerable positions.”

It isn’t the first time

In fact this isn’t the first time that the specialist health clinic in Arizona for babies, children, teenagers and young adults suffering from chronic illnesses or development difficulties is at the centre of this type of affair. A similar case of abuse was also acknowledged in 2013, explains the Washington Post.  An inquest revealed that a member of staff who has since been fired made “inappropriate sexual declarations” to four patients.  It was recently announced that Bill Timmons, the CEO of the Health Clinic has resigned following this case.


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