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Flat Earth: A planned cruise to prove there is a wall of ice in Antarctica

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The most influential Flat Earth organisation is currently preparing a cruise to prove that the Earth is flat.  Believers of this controversial theory want one of their main beliefs to be confirmed which is our Earth is flat and surrounded by a huge barrier of ice.

A very controversial theory

A few month ago we looked at how YouTube suggestions have contributed in converting many people to the Flat Earth theory.  This idea, originating in the 1950 s with the creation of the Flat Earth society, was forgotten about until the middle of 2000 and the start of social media and the media platforms like YouTube.

According to supporters of this theory, humanity is subjected to a large-scale plot orchestrated by NASA which aims to hide the fact the Earth is flat.  This calls into question everything, or almost everything, we know about the Earth and Space.  One of their favorite targets is the existence of the Earth’s curvature.  However they are also interested in the Antarctic continent. For believers of the Flat Earth theory,  there is a great barrier of ice encircling Earth in the form of disc found on this continent. This “wall of ice”  might also hide something, like the edge of a huge dome covering the planet.

Fun cruise

According to the article published in The Guardian on the 10 January, a decision has been made during the Flat Earth International Conference 2018. Organisers are drawing up plans for a cruise in 2020 to prove the existence of this wall of ice.  The organisation’s site promises the “biggest, boldest and best adventure yet.”

Credits: Flat Earth International Conference

However the explorers might come up against some difficulties.  When interviewed by The Guardian the Maritime Judicial Expert and former Ship Captain Henk Keijer pointed out:

Nautical maps are made with the perception that the Earth is round.”

The captain also mentioned the existence of GPS, the global positioning system.  According to the captain this alone is formal proof that the Earth is really spherical and not a flat disc.  GPS uses information from 24 main satellites that are orbiting Earth to give navigational and positional information.

Some believers have already tried

As well as organisations that believe that the Earth Flat, some individual believers have also tried to make themselves heard about this controversial subject.  For example the American rapper B.o.B tried in vain to raise funds – through crowdfunding – to attempt to send a satellite into space to prove that the Earth is flat.

At the start of 2018, a 60 year old man from America called Mike Hughs (also known as “Mad Mike”) failed for a second time to launch his own homemade rocket.  His wacky concept involved sending the rocket into the air so as to take photographs of the Earth from an altitude of 550 m so as to prove the Earth was flat.


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