Meet Hadrian X the bricklaying robot that lays 1000 bricks per hour!

Credits: Youtube screen shot / FBR

Human builders might not see the arrival of Hadrian X with as much anticipation as the rest of us. Hadrian X is a bricklaying robot which has been developed by an Australian company and is able to work relentlessly at a disconcerting speed.

A boost for the industry

Hadrian X is a robot mounted on a motor truck. This highly mobile machine manufactured by the Australian company Fast Brick Robotics (FBR) is capable of real prowess, as explained in an article in the daily The West Australian published November, 2018.  Apparently the robot has built it’s first 180 square metered home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in just three days!

Humans have been laying bricks in the same way for 6,000 years. Until now,” is the Fast Brick Robotics slogan.

Mike Pivac, Managing Director of FBR, believes this is a “real leap forward for the construction industry.”  It is true that sometimes this industry lacks qualified personnel and can’t always supply the global demand for housing. What’s more, Hadrian X is apparently the very first fully automated brick laying solution!

Credits :  YouTube/FBR screen shot

Surprising performances

First built in 2015, Hadrian X passed laboratory tests a year later which evaluated the robot’s performance. The results were convincing as the robot had already been able to build a structure using 3D printed bricks. However today, the robot works at an impressive rate.  It can lay a thousand bricks per hour which is extraordinary in comparison to a human mason who will lay about 400 bricks a day.

The first house built by Hardian X met all the previously established specifications and security standards.  These guaranteed specifications have also been confirmed by experts in civil and structural engineering. According to Mike Pivac, the robot should soon be capable of building houses in a production line and be commercialised. There is no doubt that many companies will be interested, especially since the robot can be mounted on other devices such as cranes and ships to name just a few.

Here is a video presenting Hadrian X robot :


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