Prominent outdoor gear brand launches Futurelight material that is both waterproof and sweat resistant

Credits : The North Face

The popular brand The North Face, which specialises in outdoor gear has recently unveiled a new waterproof material that is ultra comfortable and importantly sweat resistant.  This impressive Futurelight material could revolutionise outdoor wear in years to come.  

More comfortable waterproof clothing now possible

Everyone knows that waterproof clothing is effective at keeping out the rain and protecting you from the wind but they are unfortunately not very comfortable.  Waterproof materials tend to be very rigid and noisy when you walk making it unpleasanr for the person wearing the item of clothing. During the CES 2019 (Consumer Technology Innovation) , The North Face unveiled Futurelight, a newly designed exterior clothing technology which is both breathable, waterproof and sweat resistant, calling it the most advanced material of this type.

In an interview published on the 8 January 2018, the brand stated that it is quite simply the most comfortable waterproof material that has ever been made.  This new material has been designed using a technique called nanospinning which is able to let air pass more easily through the material making the item more breathable due to a more effective ventilation process.  But what is The North Face’s goal?  Well it’s simple, the brand wants consumers to feel more comfortable. To begin with, this new Furturelight material will be used to make jackets, gloves and also tents before being used to make other types of clothing.

Credits : The North Face

Imagine a waterproof t-shirt, jumper or even a pair of jeans that you would like to wear.  Using FUTURELIGHT we can theoretically use this technology to make everything that is breathable and waterproof comfortable to wear for the first time,” announced Scott Mellin a The North Face representative.

Sustainable production

Of course we don’t know what Futurelight technology really looks like yet. However The North Face made a big splash at CES 2019 in terms of their communication.  They had a virtual reality experience which aimed to present the technology and how it was conceived.

What’s more, the brand said it wants to ensure sustainable production. In fact the plant which will produce the clothes using this material will work with solar energy and will use reduced quantities of chemicals. The first collection incorporating Futurelight technology is expected to appear in autumn 2019.

Sources : EngadgetSiècle Digital

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