What is the best way to recuperate after a sleepless night?

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When you have had a sleepless night, it can sometimes be difficult to function the next day.  However the way in which our body is able to recuperate can be different depending on the individual which can be the result of several factors. 

The Key Element:  Circadian rhythm 

In general, specialists believe that you should respect your circadian rhythm or biological clock so that you can have a good nights sleep.  This is a set of biological process cycles over a period of about one day which are also specific to each individual. These processes include food, metabolism, sleep and cognitive functions.

When we want to fall asleep  it starts the process of melatonin secretion.  This is usually produced at the end of the day and in the evening. This helps to explain why it is difficult to get good, quality sleep in the early morning after a sleepless night or an all-nighter.

Recuperate after an all nighter
Overview of biological circadian clock in humans. Credit: Wikipedia

What is the best way to recuperate ?

Taking a half an hour nap might seem like a good way to recuperate after you have lost some sleep.  However if you take a nap after a sleepless night, the following night you must have an early night being careful not to prolong the time you head to bed. This is important as it could affect the quality of sleep for the following nights.

There are also some alternative solutions if you upset your biological clock. An American study, published in 2017, suggested that a weekend camping far away from artificial light would help to reestablish your circadian rhythm.  The URGOnight helmet  which has featured in recent news aims to train users’ brains so they can have a longer and better quality of sleep.

If you are constantly having poor quality sleep this will just increase the temptation to eat food too rich in sugars and fats. Bad habits like constantly eating junk food is itself a source of depression.  People who have bad sleeping and eating habits will just get caught in a viscous cycle that is difficult to break.

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