A Formula 1 driver was beaten by a gamer during a real race

Credit: Youtube screenshot / Speed Zone

As part of a circuit demonstration, a fan of race car simulation games beat a Formula 1 driver at the wheel of a real engine!  This is certainly a new stage crossed between virtual and reality, and could be equivalent to the success of a whole generation of gamers.  

Simulation success

For several years now, race car drivers have trained with the help of simulators as is the case with airplane pilots.  Nowadays there are game platforms which are so real they take your breath away and of course some are sold to the public market.  Therefore there is an entire generation of eSport fans brought up with video games and who have already driven for hundreds of hours on very realistic gaming systems.

In an article published on 21 January 2019,  Futurism recounted a race like no other which took place atThe Race of Champions event which took place in Mexico.  The race was against a well known eSports driver called Enzo Bonito and Lucas Di Grassi a professional Formula 1 driver from Brazil who is also a World Endurance Champion.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A risky transition but not s much as you’d think

The eSports driver Enzo Bonito drove with a Vuhl 05s, a car made in Mexico which is a approved as road car but also tailored to the race course. Enzo Bonito beat the professional driver by half a second becoming the first eSports driver to perform as well in a real life situation.

The performance is even more impressive as in a real life driving situation there are elements that are never possible to recreate in a simulation such as the danger and the perception of this danger.  However, we should perhaps put Bonito’s performance into context.  The race course was on a short and slow circuit that was far from F1 standards.

Here is the race between Enzo Bonito and Lucas Di Grassi :


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