Google Maps rolls out speed camera and speed limit warnings

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A new function has now appeared on Google Maps mapping platform which warns users of speed limits and speed cameras that are approaching.  This new system was introduced a few months ago in certain places but has not yet been rolled out in every country. 

Notifications warn the user

Google regularly updates it’s Map Coverage Details, which includes traffic elements available on Google Maps for every country.  A few months ago the app announced there would now be information about speed cameras and speed limits in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.  However now the function isn’t just a trial.  It seems that this function is available throughout the United States and in other areas.

A person using Google Maps as a GPS system when driving will now receive a notification that warns them about a speed camera.  However the function can’t tell with any degree of certainty what type of speed camera will be registered, whether they are fixed or mobile cameras.  However logically this function should only include fixed speed cameras.  This new function on Google Maps is not too dissimilar to Waze another app that belongs to Google which started in 2013.

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This function is not yet available everywhere

Speed limits appear on Google Maps in the United Sates, Denmark and the United Kingdom however speed cameras have only be registered on Google Maps in countries like the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia and even Russia and Mexico.  This function is not yet available in the UK but it should be rolled out across the country soon according to the app.

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