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New rare mineral discovered believed to be stronger than diamond

Mont Carmel is where carmeltazite has been discovered Credits: Wikipedia

A mineral company has made an incredible discovery: they have found a new, special mineral which has just been added to the list of official minerals.  What is so special about this new mineral?  This mineral is apparently stronger than diamond and is exceedingly rare! 

Stronger than diamond

On the 19th December 2018, the scientific journal Minerals contained a publication describing a new material called “carmeltazite“. Discovered by the mineral company Shefa Yamin based in Isreal, this mineral has the chemical formula of ZrAl2Ti4O11 and is found as an inclusion inside a Carmel™ sapphire.  This is a specific type of sapphire that is deposited by this company which colour varies from orange, blue or black.

Carmeltazite was added to the official list of minerals on the 7th January 2019 after the validation of the International Mineralogy Association (IMA) according to an article in the local newspaper Haaretz.  The name given to this new mineral is taken from the place it has been found, near to the Kishon river under Mont Carmel in Israel as well as the minerals it contains including titanium, aluminium and zirconium. Abraham Taud, the CEO of the mineral company, says they have carried out density testing which suggests this mineral is even harder than diamond making it suitable for jewelry.

Formed when dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth!

The biggest stone found on the site weighed 33.3 carats!  Chemical and X ray analysis have made it possible to determine the character of this unheard of material.  However the origin of this material is as equally interesting. In fact, carmeltazite was formed during a volcanic eruption which happened during the Cretaceous period.  However this geographical period (145 million to 66 million years ago) ended with the disappearance of dinosaurs.  However leaders of the study have suggested this mineral was formed at the crust-mantle limit at about 30 km deep.

The fact this mineral has been added to the official list of minerals is nothing particularly special as a hundred new materials are added every year.  However carmeltazite is a very rare mineral which gives Carmel™ sapphires are incredible value and the potential to be more valuable than diamonds!

Sources : BBC NewsFutura Sciences

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