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Why do women travel solo more than men?

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According to various polls, women travel alone more often than men.  However this tendency doesn’t seem to be really just a coincidence and can in fact be clearly explained!

Revealing poll

In 2014, the Dutch accommodation booking site published a poll that said that 72% of Americans prefer to travel solo.  In May 2018, The Telegraph, discussed a study that highlighted the fact that half of solo travel researches were carried out by women (Londoners in the case of this study) and the majority were aged between 25 and 34 years old.

What explains such a tendency?  Isn’t it also fun to travel as a family or as a couple?  Why is it women who prefer to travel solo more than men?

Better access for women to travel

A few months ago, the  New York Times revealed that American women are becoming mothers at an average age of 26 years old which is 5 years later than in 1972!  Although women still earn less than men, their revenue has also increasedAnother study indicated that the number of women earning less 30,000 dollars per year dropped from 79.6% to 58.1%.  However although women have better access to travelling than before, this is not the only reason that explains this trend.

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The advantages of travelling solo

Jessica Nabongo, a hard-core traveler who has visited more than 150 countries and including about 50 solo, was interviewed in an article published in Vox on the 19 January 2019.  Ms Nabongo explained that when you travel with other people you concentrate on exploring the place with them but not on establishing links with other people.  As a solo traveler you can be more open to the people and the culture of the country you visit.

This reason given by Ms Nabongo is also relevant to male solo travelers.  That said, it seems that women search for themselves more and are looking to discover experiences more than men. In another recent publication, psychologist Lisa Marie Bobby explains that “the desire to improve through self-reflection is something that women are more inclined to do psychologically.” The specialist indicates that men establish their relationships around common activities, so that a trip is more likely to be done as a group.


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