Doing 40 continuous press ups is a sign of a good heart

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A new study suggests that the ability to do 40 press ups or more could be a sign that your heart is in good health. Although there are limitations with the sample used in this research, the study nevertheless deserves to be looked into further with a wider sample of people.

Many doctors propose “treadmill” tests to evaluate a patients cardiac form.  Patients run on the treadmill until the cardiac frequency reaches a certain level.  Depending on your score you can have an initial idea about your physical form. However these tests take time and need expensive equipment.  This is why there are not carried out as regularly as they should be.  However there could be a more “simple” and completely free method which could allow you to predict your cardiac health.

Press up tests

This “simpler” test (note: the inverted commas) involved doing press ups…  Everyone has done press ups with varying degrees of ease.  This form of exercise is used to evaluate or maximise your physical force by lifting your own weight.  However could it have another use?  A team of researchers tested the endurance of 1,100 firemen with an average age of 39 over a decade to find out. They published there work in the JAMA Network Open journal.

Over the course of the ten years coronary illnesses, heart failure and and cardiac arrests were diagnosed. This mid-term study found that those who were able to do 40 press ups or more had 96% less risk of developing cardiac problems in comparison to those who couldn’t do more than 10.

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Look more closely at the results

If you are able to do 40 press ups without stopping you are clearly in good physical shape and have a good heart.  However the sample size used in this study is not representative of the average population.  Not everyone is a fireman and not everyone is a man of around 40 years old.  Therefore there are certain limitations to these results.  A person’s age, their Body Mass Index and their aerobic form can also influence the risks of developing a heart disease.  These factors also apply to the group of firemen tested.

However despite these limitations, “the ability to do press ups could be an indicator that you are in a good physical condition globally,” stated the researchers.  It would therefore be interesting to look more closely at this apparent link with a much wider sample group including more inactive men and women.


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