Ford car manufacturer designs a special bed for bed hoggers!

Credit: Video screenshot / Ford Europe

The American car manufacturer Ford has designed a concept bed that is equipped with a “system that helps you to keep in lane.”  Although this concept might make you giggle, this type of bed could come in very handy for bed hoggers.  Especially if you are get annoyed by your partner while they move in their sleep. 

Fun concept which is also very useful

In the video published on the 12 February 2019 (visible at the bottom of the article), Ford car manufacturers have placed a patent for their own Batmobile concept which is called a Smart Bed.  the American giant explain that this bed will improve couples quality of sleep.  It is very common for people to move about in their sleep which then annoys their partner.

Keeping in you own lane is an original and functional aspect of this bed designed by Ford. However this concept is also important for driving as you need to always have a good road position.  In the case of the Smart Bed, the partner who is too invasive will automatically be moved to the appropriate distance thanks to a treadmill!

The bed’s concept works just like the device equipped in cars. Track maintenance systems subtly corrects the trajectory of an car that has gone over the safety markings on the road. The Smart Bed is equipped with pressure sensors to detect the “trajectory” of the invading sleeper, so the treadmill is gently moves the partner away while avoiding waking up the partner.

Credits : Capture vidéo/Ford Europe

Could this concept be commercialised?

With Smart Bed, we wanted to show the interest of intelligent Ford technologies available in our cars as a way of keeping in your lane by transposing the concept into everyday life“, said Anthony Ireson, Communication and Marketing Director of Ford Europe.

However the bed presented in the video published by Ford is only a prototype and no commercialisation has been looked into.  In any case, it is possible that one day this concept could appear and it wouldn’t be a first attempt.  Ford designed a intelligent and connected vest in 2017 that could help improve the safety of cyclists on the road.  In 2018 the manufacturer also came up with a design for a baby cradle simulating the noise and movement of a car journey.

Here is a video of Ford’s Smart Bed:

Sources : DeZeenSiècle DigitalAutoplus

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