Huawei unveil their 5G smartphone with a folding screen

Credit: Huawei

Huawei are the next smartphone giant to present their new phone with a folding screen after Samsung introduced their Galaxy Fold.  This new 5G phone by Huawei was unveiled at the 2019 Mobile World Congress.

Smartphones with folding screens are gradually making their way onto the market which is marking a tend for 2019.  After Samsung recently unveiled their new folding smartphone, Huawei have now revealed their version of this technological advancement!  The Chinese brand have just announced their newest model called the Mate X.  Unveiled in Barcelona at the 2019 World Mobile Congress, it appears that this mobile folds in the opposite direction to their South Korean competitors.  The screen once it has been folded in two will face outward instead of inwards like the Samsung model.

The phone can charge 85 % of it’s battery in 30 minutes

Once the newest Huawei is opened out it has an 8 inch screen like a tablet and once it is folded in two it’s main screen measures 6″6 inches while the extra screen at the back measures 6″4 inches. The battery has  4,500 mAh capacity.  A quick charging speed of 55 W means 85% of the battery can be charged in only 30 minutes.  The smartphone also has a camera with three objectives which is found on the back when the device is opened and at the back and front when the device is folded in two.

The flat Mate X with a hinge called the “Falcon Wing” in the middle. Credits : Huawei
Once unfolded the device has thickness of 5.4 mm and a screen measuring 8 inches. Credits : Huawei
Once it has been folded, the screen measures 6″6 inches at the front and 6″4 inches the back. Credits : Huawei

5G compatibility

This folding smartphone also boasts Huawei’s newest processor called Kirin 980 fitted with a 8 Go Ram and 512 Go storage space. The power key uses a digital finger sensor.  The navigation function and downloads are also compatible with 5G.  Mate X boasts a downloading speed of 4.4 Gb /s.  In other words, the brand promises that this new device is capable of downloading a 1 Gb film in three seconds.

Huawei representatives also promise that the device is light and feels comfortable in your hands.  (Of course they wouldn’t say otherwise!) In terms of a price mark, it is not the most accessible device. In Europe, the device is estimated to cost around €2,300 in comparison to €1,700 for the Samsung model. Although Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will be launched onto the market from this April, there has not been an official release date for the Hauwei model.


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