Is there really an effective diet?

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As summer starts to approach, many people want to tone up.  Many people try to lose a few pounds by turning towards sport while others hope that a good diet can help them out.  There are lots of slimming regimes but is there really an effective diet? 

In recent years an increasing number of people are becoming overweight or obese. However at the same time many people strive to fit beauty criteria.  The drive to have the perfect body is becoming an increasing goal for younger generations influenced by social media.  This is why many people turn to diets even before they have gathered information about the diet and are ready to do anything they can to lose a couple of pounds.  However dieting regimes are not only useful for improving your physical shape.  They can also have substantial effects on your health and well-being.

Mediterranean diet: Is it the most effective?

Several studies have shown that the eating habits of Mediterranean countries have many benefits for your health.  The Mediterranean diet is primarily composed of vegetables, virgin olive oil, red wine and fish.  This diet is meant to be the most effective at preventing illness especially heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. This diet is therefore ideal is you are looking for an ironclad health.

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Forget about fat-free diets

Many wacky diets work for some people while others are not at all effective.  However fat-free diets are not an effective way to lose weight according to several studies and an analysis by Deirdre Tobias (Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, United States).  It is clear that you shouldn’t eat too much fatty food but it is not necessary that you deprive yourself of fat.  On the contrary, sugar-free diets are more effective and recommended even if they often cause relapses.

However for a more long term solution you should forget about diets that stop you from eating what you want.  Instead you should turn toward a healthy and more varied diet.  You should eat a bit of everything but in small quantities.  Before starting any type of diet, it is important that you speak to a  health specialist.  Not all diets are adapted to everyone.

Nothing beats a balanced diet

You are not going to lose the weight you want in a day.  You should really lose weight progressively.  You shouldn’t abruptly stop giving your body food.  This is the reason why drastic diets are ineffective when it comes to losing weight.  This can often produce the opposite effect and end up by encouraging a weight stagnation or even putting on more weight!

We don’t say it enough but if you want to lose weight or even just stay in shape, sport is a must! You will see quick results if you follow a balanced diet and you practice a regular sporting activity.  As long as you are eating enough protein your muscles will develop and will be able to become more enduring.  Of course, so that a diet can be effective it is important that you give yourself treats now and again.  You should therefore adopt good habits when it comes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise regime.


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