Our greatest weapon against climate change

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According to a recent study, reconstituting the world’s forests could sufficiently reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which could cancel out decades of human emissions.

We are currently witnessing an accelerated global warming of our planet.  In theory, this warming process is natural. However anthropogenic emission have dangerously sped up the arrival of these rising temperatures.  So much so, our climate has been knocked off kilter and in not prepared for such dramatic changes. As a result, there is a sort of gigantic heated covering filled with carbon dioxide above our heads which is suffocating us.

There are many ways that you can fight against climate change.  Green energy can be installed.  You can also dramatically reduce your meat consumption as the industry uses too much energy. You can also take less flights.  These solutions on paper should work.  However they are complicated to put in place for millions of people.  Is there is another way which is more simple and accessible which could have the potential to save the planet?

Trees are a formidable force

At least this is what recent analysis has suggested.  According to Thomas Crowther, a researcher from ETH in Zurich, trees are “our most powerful weapon in our fight against climate change.  He highlights the facts and figures.  According to Thomas Crowther “There is 400 gigatonnes of CO2 currently trapped in 3 000 billion trees in our planet“.  The researcher suggests that if you increased this capacity by 1, 000 billion this could mean that several hundreds of gigatonnes of CO2 could be extracted from the atmosphere.  The researcher told The Independent that with his theory “We would then have at least 10 years of anthropogenic emissions completely destroyed.”

Credits: Pixabay

Until now we have seriously underestimated the number of trees on our planet.  Thanks to new information from ground and satellite studies, Thomas Crawford and his team have managed to make a much more precise (and greater) estimation than previously believed.  For example 3,000 billion trees on Earth is about seven times greater than what has been estimated by NASA.  Using these figures, researchers have now managed to predict the number of trees that could be planted in empty plots across the world.

“Everyone can be affected”

The fact we have under estimated the number of trees on the planet also means that we have under estimated their potential in the struggle against climate change.  Trees, like the rest of plants, absorb CO2 and keep only the carbon.  Therefore, by simply being present, these organisms help to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

The researcher added that “everyone can be affected” by the benefits of trees.  He notes that they can make people living in cities feel happier.  They also improve air, water and food quality and can  improve our ecosystems.  Trees are therefore not only effective in our struggle against climate change they are also a prettier and more majestic means to combat global warming.

You’ve got it!  If you have the slightest space available you should grow a tree.  This way you can effectively contribute to the fight against climate change by unraveling a little more this heated covering gliding above our heads.


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