Why are protein rich diets unhealthy?

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A team of Australian researchers explain the reasons why protein rich diets can reduce your life expectancy.  The details of the study were published in the Current Biology journal.

A recent study has looked into the ways in which our diet can influence the speed of ingested protein synthesis (Copying the DNA into RNA messagers).  After having analysed the response of fruit fly organisms a genetic model can easily be adapted to Humans.  According to this study a quicker protein synthesis can produce more errors which means that you can have a shorter life expectancy.

Scientists have known for sometime that eating too much, in particular protein, reduces our life expectancy but know we know why,” explains Christopher Proud from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute and leading author of this study.

The faster you go the more errors you’ll make

Our team demonstrated that increased nutrient levels speed up protein synthesis within cells. The faster this process occurs the more errors are made,”  explains the researchers. They have taken a motorist as an example by saying that “It’s similar to everyday activities like driving – the faster you go, the more likely you are to make a mistake.”  They suggest that the build up of faulty proteins inside cells can have a negative effect on your health and reduce your life expectancy.

Therefore our body is like a complex machine that knows how to work perfectly but if you push your body beyond it’s limit it can start to make errors. As a result of these errors the machine becomes jammed and it’s life expectancy is reduced.

A study show why protein rich diets are bad for your health. Credits: Pixabay

The importance of “good” carbohydrates

As well as promoting diets that are less rich in protein, this new study highlights the fact that have a diet that is rich in good carbohydrates is crucial.  Our brain in particular benefits from carbohydrates as it is fueled by glucose.

Carbohydrates get a lot of bad press, especially in relation to dieting, but the key is balance and knowing the difference between ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs,”  explains the researcher. The researchers highlight that high-fibre carbohydrates that are found in fruit, vegetables and in wholemeal grains have great benefits for our health.

By eating less protein and more “good” carbohydrates, your body is able to get the most out of the ingested nutrients and strengthen it’s general health.  It is recommended that you eat less meat, eggs, cheese or soya and more fruit, vegetables and unrefined grain.  By following this type of diet you will give your body it’s best possible chances.


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