What is the cheapest electric motorbike on the market?

Credit: YouTube screenshot / All New Lightning Strike

In March 2018, the American company Lightning Motorcycles launched its new electric motorbike, Lightning Strike.  With a reasonable starting price of 11,500 euros for it’s basic model, the bikes new engine has some innovative improvements from the LS-218 model launched in 2014.  The previous model in fact set the electric motorbike world record with a high speed of 351/km per hour!

The new Lightning Strike has three different versions including the Standard, Intermediate and the Strike Carbon Edition.  The basic version includes a 10 kWh battery with a range of between 112 and 160 km. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled electric induction motor of 90 hp, for a maximum speed of 217 km / h. The high-end version, Strike Carbon Edition, is equipped with a similar engine, but with a 120 horsepower and a top speed of 240 km / h. The battery is twice as powerful (20 kWh) and has a range of 240 to 320 km.  In comparison, the intermediate version has a 15 kWh battery and can drive for between 170 and 240 km.

Credits: YouTube screenshot / All New Lightning Strike

Other characteristics

With a fixed price of €11, 500, the standard version of the new Strike model is the most affordable electric motorbike currently on the market. The bike’s battery can recharge in one night using a household socket.  However if using a level 2 public charging point the battery will charge in 2 to 3 hours. The bike manufacturer also offers a built-in charger option of 6.6 kW – instead of a 3.3 kW as is fitted in the original – so the charging times mentioned above can be halved.

The manufacturer has also released tests carried out on the new electric motorbike.  The new Strike  model’s casing reduces the aerodynamic drag by almost a third – to a speed of at least 112 km/hr – in comparison to a motorbike without a casing.  This detail comes into play when the bike is on the motorway.

This electric motorbike might tread on the steps of Harley Davidson.  This famous brand is ready to  launch their electric model, called LiveWire, in Europe.  However the Strike model seems to present the same performance levels but for a much lower sale price!


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