Could Bitcoin one day reach $150, 000?

Credit: John Rager on Twitter

After a recent increase in Bitcoin, an expert has given their opinion about the long term future of this cryptocurrency.  According to this expert, Bitcoin should reach 150,000 dollars in less than five years!

Recent increase

The famous cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin (BTC) saw a golden age at the end of 2017, as it saw its value reaching around 20, 000 dollars.  Ever since its value has steadily fallen until November 2018, when its value fell under 4,000 dollars mark.  On April 2, however, observers noticed an increase of more than 20% in the price of BTC, which is now nearing $ 5,000.

Is this a sign of a new lightning increase?  In reality, this increase is apparently due to a single purchase order of 20,000 bitcoins spent on three different platforms, for a total value of 100 million dollars. Why is there now a sudden craze? Some people believe in a Brexit hypothesis, however it is difficult to tell to what extent this could pay a part.  The Brexit process is still currently in limbo with no exit date agreed.

An analyst believes Bitcoin to be iron clad

Some investors have understandably been disenchanted by Bitcoin after its steady decline, however some recent reports may give people something to smile about.  The cryptocurrency analyst John Rager has observed that the cryptocurrency has seen peaks every 574 days, according to the specialist channel News BTC. The analyst wrote on Twitter that Bitcoin had gone from $ 31 in 2011 to about 1,200 in 2014, then to almost 20,000 in 2017. With these results he predicts that BTC could exceed $ 150,000 in 2023.


Credits : Josh Rager  on Twitter

Could this be a reality?

However, the likelihood of BTC reaching this value in reality seems to be rather unbelievable.  Although several experts believe that Bitcoin will see an increase around 2021 and 2022, nothing really seems to allow as much optimism for the currency to reach these incredible heights.


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