Jetpack Aviation’s flying motorbike available to pre-order

Credit: Jetpack Aviation

Jetpack Aviation’s flying motorbike, called Speeder, is designed to reach a maximum speed of 150 mph!   The world’s first flying motorbike from Jetpack Aviation will soon hit the market according to the company in a recent press release.  Available in two versions, this flying motorbike is already available to pre-order… it you have a lot of dosh to hand of course! 

From jetpacks to flying motorbikes

In January 2019 it was announced that jetpack races could take place later this year.  The jetpack Aviation company published a video showing an experimental flight above a lake carried out by two pilots, each wearing a JB10 model jetpack.

If this announcement wasn’t enough, Jetpack Aviation have decided hit it big again!   The company announced in a press release on the 7th March that their flying motorbike Speeder, will be released onto market.  The vehicle, which is already available to pre-order with an advance of 10, 000 dollars will cost the new owner a whopping 380, 000 dollars!

Speeder is a flying motorbike that can reach speeds of 240 km/h Credits : JetPack Aviation

Two versions of the Speeder model

The company claims that their new flying motor will reach speeds of 150 mph and can reach an altitude of 15 thousand feet which is the equivalent of 4570 metres!  However it will only be able to run for a maximum of 30 minutes.   Fitted with redundant systems in the event of a breakdown, the Speeder motorcycle can also fly in a stationary position, like a four-rotor drone. This motorbike is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL). When it comes to fuel, Kerosene, JetA and Diesel are all  compatible.

A military prototype – which is destined to “save lives” – has been developed alongside a small autonomous cargo that can fly in tandem with the motobike.  However the public will be able to fly the “Experimental” version which has all the characteristics mentioned above but will need to hold a private pilot’s licence.    An “Ultralight” version is also available which does not require a pilot licence. However the speed of this aircraft will be restrained to 60 mph or 96 kph.  Although this is still some fair speed!

Jetpack aviation claim that the Federal Aviation Administration have authorised this aircraft.  However the details of this authorisation remain a mystery.  In any case, we bet that the chances of seeing this monster in Europe are fairly limited. While you wait, however you can have a look at the official introduction video of the first Speeder flying motorbike!

Sources : TechCrunch – Futura Sciences

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