Nestle: does the water come from a natural source?

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Agrifood giant, Nestlé has recently been sued due to false information regarding the water source of their bottled water.  In fact, their bottled water does not come from a natural source as indicated on the packaging.  So where does the water come from? 

Misleading information

On the official Nestlé website for the brand Poland Springs, the company explicitly claims that their bottle water comes from a “popular natural spring in Northern America“.  Apparently the water has been taken from this natural source since 1845.   According to the New York Times, for the last decade the brand’s sales have been between 300 and 900 million dollars per year in the United States .

Two years ago, a class action lawsuit against the company was taken before a court in Connecticut.  The lawsuit was lead by around a dozen American citizens from eight American states.   The lawsuit was supported by a document which outlines in detail the case against Nestlé’s brand, Poland Springs.  The plaintiffs claim that Nestlé have mislead their customers as the water from Poland Spring does not come from a natural water source in Maine.  In fact this source has dried up over half a century ago!

Nestlé continue to defend themselves regardless

On 3 April 2019,  Nestlé Waters North America published a statement stating that the DLA Piper law firm had carried out an independent study.  According to this study, the water from Poland Spring is “100% naturally sourced water“.  They also state that the water conforms to the laws of the different States it is sold in.  Following the results of this independent study, the global firm asked the lawsuit to be dropped.

However the lawsuit highlighted a fundamental reason why Nestlé was able to conform to the State laws.  In fact the company created six artificial sources above a huge water table! The judge’s verdict ruled and so it was decided the lawsuit should continue, although an initial complaint of a similar type was rejected in 2018.


Global drink brands

In 2018, American researchers discovered the presence of plastic in 93% of the 250 bottles tested.  The bottles came from 11 countries around the world and included big brands like Nestlé Pure Life.  A few months ago, The World Health Organisation project Break Free From Plastic carried out an experiment so as to establish the most pollutant brands.  In total 187, 851 plastic waste was collected on several beaches in the four corners of the globe.  Using these plastic waste bottles researchers discovered the top three most polluting brands were Coca-Cola (9,216 waste bottles), PepsiCo (5,720) and Nestlé (2,950).

Sources : Vox – Agence Science Presse

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