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San Francisco want to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes

Credits: Flickr/Vaping360

The town of San Francisco are proposing a complete ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes until they have been satisfactorily approved by the FDA.  According to city attorney all e-cigarettes will be affected.  This ban proposal is also prompted by the increasing number young people with access to electronic cigarettes and are subsequently becoming addicted.

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is an administration that manages the authorization of products on the American market from food products to medication.  The administration also vigorously manages the country’s regulations on tobacco.  In 2016 the FDA finalized a rule which extended it’s regulatory authority over all tobacco products including electronic cigarettes (ENDS). Previously e-cigarettes were unregulated products.

However Dennis Herrera, the city attorney of San Francisco, believes the FDA have “failed to do their job and have not satisfactorily regulated the production and sale of e-cigarettes.  San Francisco city have decided to propose a complete ban of e-cigarette sales. This is due to the lack of studies that confirm the health risks.

“Millions of young people are already addicted”

The city attorney Dennis Herrera has recently held a press conference in which states his lack of trust in the FDA regarding the regulation of e-cigarettes.  He says that these products should have been regulated before entering onto the market.  He highlights how “millions of young people are already addicted to electronic cigarettes and that millions of others will follow them if we do not act now.”  According to a survey in 2013-2014, 81% of young e-cigarette smokers are primarily attracted by the many flavours available.

According to the city attorney the FDA  has done nothing these last two years to guarantee the non-toxicity of these products.  As a result the prosecutor’s office, in collaboration with the city supervisor Shamann Walton, presented a bill a few days ago prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes. This ban on electronic cigarettes will remain in place until the FDA conducts further examinations.  On the FDA website it is stated that they will hold a public scientific workshop regarding ENDS on the 15th May that you can watch online.

If this bill is approved, it would be the first of its kind at the national level. And it seems that the other city are share similar concern. Chicago and New York have also communicated their interest for these future results.

San Francisco hope to ban the sale of e-cigarettes while they wait for a more rigorous examination of the FDA regarding the health risks. Credits : Flickr/Vaping 360

Is vaping a good way to stop smoking

Many studies have shown that smokers who have turned to electronic cigarettes smoke much less than before.  They also have a greater chance of stopping smoking altogether.  Although e-cigarettes are considered to be a “healthier” option than normal cigarettes, they still have some dangers. A study published a few weeks ago in the American College of Cardiology draws a link between electronic cigarettes and a heightened risk of coronary heart problems and depression.


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