Is it a good idea to sleep with your pet?

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About one out of three British pet owner sleep with their pet.  However is this habit beneficial or harmful for your health and for your sleep?  The scientific world has various opinions regarding this subject which is why it can be difficult to know what is best.  Here are some of the results of various studies on this subject.  Now you can decide for yourself what is best! 

Yes, but not in your bed…

We all know that sleep is a basic instinct, a requirement that everyone needs to stay in good health.  In 2017, a study was carried out by the National Institute of Sleep that revealed you had a better quality of sleep if you slept alone without your partner or your animal. Just like humans ,animals can snore, fart and get agitated… but most importantly, they rarely sleep straight without waking up. Clearly there are many factors that can disturb you. According to the survey,13% of respondents believed that sleeping with their pets improves their sleep, while 7% said that they were okay with there disturbance caused by their pat rather than saying no.

Again in 2017, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal published a study that suggested that your sleep could be improved by a dog being in your room.  However a better quality of sleep could only be achieved if the animal stays out of the bed.  What is more, giving your pet access to your bed could also create behavioural problems as it makes your pet think they are a dominant member of the household.  Many couples also say that letting an animal into their bed is a real “romance-killer.”

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Creating a sense of peace and security

Having a pet and sleeping with them can be beneficial for people that live alone. It can help to reduce any feelings of solitude and can give them a bit of comfort.  The heat given off by the animal can create this effect.  However your pet can also create a sense of security (dog) and peace (cat) which can contribute to getting a better sleep.

During the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society (EPS) in 2014, researchers revealed their research looking into the benefits of sleeping on animal fur for children.  According to the researchers, allowing a child to sleep on animal fur until the age of ten can reduce the risk of asthma by 40 to 80%.  Animal fur in children’s beds can therefore help to reinforce the child’s immune system and protect them against certain illnesses.


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