Tallest skyscraper in Western Europe to be built in a tiny Danish town

Credit: Dorte Mandrup / Mir )

Planning permission for the construction of the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe has just been awarded.  The building won’t be found in Paris or London but instead in the small Danish village of Brande  which has a population of around 7,000 inhabitants. 

Visible from a 60 km radius

The projects is backed by the fashion giant Bestseller with Anders Holch Povlsen, the richest man in Denmark at its head.  Once constructed the skyscraper “Town & Village” will reach the height of 320 metres, which will exceed the current tallest building in Europe, London’s Shard, by more than a good few metres.  However in the East, Russia’s imposing Lakhta Center will still surpass the Danish tower.  Measuring 462 metres the Lakhta Center is the 13th tallest tower in the world.

In contrast to other towers around the world, this skyscraper made of glass and metal will not be constructed in the centre of a metropolis but instead in centre of a town with 7,000 inhabitants.  What is more this tower will be visible from a 60 km radius. This type of tower might seem slightly out of place in the countryside.  However the village has obviously been chosen for  reason as the boss of Bestseller (which includes brands like Vero Moda, Only and even Jack & Jones)  is from the village!  The company is wanting to make this new skyscraper their new headquarters which will provide 1,400 new jobs in the area.

The Tower & Village skyscraper will be surrounded by some buildings at its base. Credit: Dorte Mandrup/Mir
The region is so flat that the skyscraper will be visible from a 60 km radius. Credit: Dorte Mandrup/Mir

A godsend for the village

The project which has just received the approval from Brande’s local council in mid-March should benefit the region.  In other words, by making the small town more attractive for incomers. “We see this project as an investment for Brande”, explained Anders Krogh (Project Manger) in a statement.  “The skyscraper will also be an icon… a landmark that will place Brande on the map.  It will also be a architectural attraction which will bring hotel clients, students and other who will visit the building.”

In the region everyone seems to be excited about this project.  No one is opposing it despite its size.  The town will have to be patient however.  No date has been yet set for the work to start taking place.  However we know that work won’t begin for a few years yet, although the plans were received their final approval from the council.  Bestseller hope to construct a DGNB accredited tower meaning it is a ecological standardized construction.


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