Buzz Aldrin calls for a huge human migration to Mars

Credits: Youtube screenshot / 20th Century FOX / Alone on Mars

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon has recently called for a “huge human migration to Mars” and believes that the USA should be the first in line.  

Interviewed by the Washington Post, the astronaut showed his enthusiasm for humankind’s future on the red planet. Despite supporting NASA’s trial missions he believes that “Mars is waiting to be discovered, not by clever robots and rovers… but by living, breathing, walking, talking, caring and daring men and women.”   Aldrin notes that for this to happen the American government, the Trump administration, Congress members and the general public need to get behind the idea and make it a national priority.

“We need more”

Aldrin believes that the USA should focus their efforts on completing a human mission to Mars.  He stated that America should make steps toward “the great migration of humankind to Mars” as a means of the “ultimate survival” of humanity.

Aldrin, who was the lunar module pilot for the first human moon landing in 1969, recalls his experience during the incredible Apollo mission.  “When Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and I went to the moon 50 years ago in July, we did so with a mission”. He believes that, “Apollo 11 aimed to prove America’s can-do commitment to space exploration, as well as its national security and technological superiority.”  He believes that more of this sort of attitude is needed nowadays.

Aldrin’s ideas are echoed by NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine.  He believes that sending American astronauts to the moon in five years is only the first step in an ongoing mission to conquer Mars.  Pressured by the Trump administration, NASA are going to need to accelerate the time frame somewhat if they hope to reach the Red Planet before 2033.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969. Credits: Pixabay

“My eyes drift higher, to the red orb.”

In the first instance, Aldrin recommends focusing on establishing the first permanent moon colony.  In order to achieve this aim, the astronaut adds that America should work together with China, Russia, Europe and the Middle East.  International cooperation is needed to create a sustainable settlement on the moon that can open the door to future missions to the Red Planet.

Aldrin believes that the red planet is within reach and all that is required is the determination and will to get there.  Aldrin states that “In a world of division and distraction, this mission is unifying—for all Americans and for all humankind.”  Although he’s pleased the American government are focusing efforts to send astronauts back to the moon, he states that “my eyes drift higher, to the red orb.” 


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