Energizer’s giant smartphone suffers a huge flop

Credit: YouTube screnshot / Avenir Telecom

The latest smartphone proposed by brand Energizer was meant to promise 50 days of autonomy thank to its battery of 18,000 mAH.  However the crowdfunding campaign turned out to be a total failure.  In fact the campaign only managed to reach 1% of their initial target !

Why is there such little interest?

Presented at the last Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain between 24 and 27 February 2019, the P18K smartphone stands out from the rest.  The mobile by the American brand Energizer, which is known for its battery life, show be able to function for an incredible 50 days without needing charged!  This autonomous power is due to a powerful 18,000 mAh battery.  Moreover the phone has a set of sliding front cameras, which should interest some amateur photographers and a memory of 128 GB.

Unfortunately, a battery with such a capacity is also very cumbersome.  If you look at the smartphone straight on it looks like any other phone on the market.  However the side on image makes you think of a real “brick”.  So what happened with the company’s concept?  The Crowdfunding campaign on  IndieGogo suffered a resounding failure (see the video at the end of this article).  In fact only the campaign only managed to raise 13, 452 dollars from 11 contributors which is equivalent to 1% of their initial target.  Although there was a lot of talk about this phone at the MWC, its huge size means it cannot work commercially.  This smartphone is a real brick measuring 153 mm long, 75 mm wide and 22 mm thick!

Credits: capture YouTube/Avenir Telecom

Another trend

For almost a decade now, there is a trend for slender and sophisticated looking smartphones that are easy to handle despite gains in terms of size.  Although some smartphones are starting to resemble a tablet, they are never more than a centimeter thick.  Moreover, manufacturers are looking for the most sophisticated visual designs as well as a long lasting battery.  It looks as if the P18K focused to strongly on the battery and not enough on the physical aspect of the phone.

Other brands are also looking to think outside the box.  For example, the Meizu Zero phone which is the first phone without any holes so connect chargers or headphones.  More recently, the brand called Sharp launched their folding phone screen which is reminiscent to the folding phones of the  2000s!  It is likely to be a risky bet, but it is clear that this old trend has been superbly reworked.

Energizer’s P18K video :

Sources : EngadgetPresse Citron

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