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Game of Thrones: Parents could regret their baby name choice before final episode

Credit: HBO

Beware of spoilers: This article discusses story lines from the fifth episode of season 8 from Game of Throne.  Read on if you are not afraid of spoilers! 

Those of you who have watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones won’t have missed Daenerys’ serious rage as she completely obliterated King’s Landing, behaviour similar to a manic killer!   However in America, more than 3,500 parents have named their child Daenerys, ou Khaleesi after this popular Targaryian queen.   What will the final episode of the series have in store?  Will it reveal an even scarier side to this ‘mad’ queen? 

Initially it might have been a good idea to name your child after the Targaryian queen.  In George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world Daenerys Tagaryen is an exiled princess hoping to regain her rightful throne.  However she wants to set herself apart from her father’s legacy, the ‘mad king’, who wasn’t afraid to burn innocent women and children.

Throughout her quest for the throne, Daenerys frees slaves and punishes their masters showing both her strength and caring qualities.  On paper this character is truly inspiring as she is represented as a powerful and successful woman who can distinguish between right and wrong.  When put like this, there is no wonder thousands of American parents decided to name their child after this character.

According to data from the Social Security Administration at least 3,500 young  American girls have been called Daenerys or Khaleesi since the first episode of Game of Thrones was broadcast by HBO in 2011.  There are of course various spellings of this name.  Some are called Kaleesi or Danerys.  Regardless, the inspiration for their name remains the same, the powerful female heroine from Game of Thrones.  The only hiccup is Dany has now blown a fuse…

game of thrones
Game of Thrones :  When Daenerys blows a fuse. Credits : HBO

Burn them all

In the latest episode Daenerys loses her temper and, despite the peeling bells signifying the surrender of King’s Landing, destroys the capital in a blind fury.  All her bottled up rage from her time in exile is let loose and nothing stands a chance in its wrath!  Daenerys riding her dragon, burns the city to the ground including men, women and children.  She therefore becomes the sort of tyrant that she vowed she would never become.  After watching this shocking episode some parents might be feeling a little faint…

This episode highlights the dangers of naming a child after a character in a series which has yet to be completed.

Daenerys is not the only name that is popular for newborns that has been inspired by the series. Others like Arya have been also very popular with parents.  There are many others including Yara, Lyanna, Shae, Renly, or evenTyrion, Brienne, Jorah, Sansa, Catelyn, Oberyn, and Nymeria.


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