Pikachu: First cat to have its ashes scattered in Space

Credit: Steve Munt / GoFundMe

For the first time, the ashes of a cat will be scattered in Space. Pikachu, who died in January 2019 following a lengthy battle with diabetes, will be soon laid to rest in Space.   

American man, Steve Munt is hoping to make history and send his beloved cat’s ashes into Space.  Celestis Pets, a branch of Celestis which offers human memorial services in space, will be in charge of the final voyage.  Pikachu will be transported in as a secondary payload during a satellite launch which should take place in the next 18 months.

Prepaid flight ticket

Steve had to pay hefty sum so he can send his beloved cat into Space.  He forked out 5,000 dollars of his own savings for a one way ticket for his cat.  However he has managed to set up a GoFundMe site so that he can raise funds.  Currently, donations amount to 2,120 dollars (May 3). Steve said that, “I have already signed the contract and just recently paid in full for the service.” However he emphasised that,  “While I continue to accept donations for those who wish to be a part of this tribute, fundraising is not a primary goal for me.”

Celesis Pets has already sent two dogs ashes into space, called Apollo and Laika.  The company confirms that the ashes stay for a while in Space before eventually evaporating without any problems. The company compares it to “a shooting star” that enters into the atmosphere.  Pikachu’s owner explained, “I wanted Pikachu to be the first, continue his legacy as an explorer and show the world that a cat is just as worthy as a dog of a special tribute.”   The cat had an exploring nature as the cat found Munt’s family while adventuring around the neighbourhood.  Although it belonged to another family, the cat eventually decided to live with the Munt family.

Another cat needing help

However Pikachu is not the only cat in the family receiving attention.  Zee is the family second house cat who is unfortunately suffering from a serious kidney illness which has already cost 60,000 dollars in medical bills.  However the cat is currently in need of a transplant which will cost 20,000 dollars.  Steve launched a separate campaign on GoFundMe to help with the cat’s medical bills and more than 10,000 dolars has already been collected.

Although Pikachu might be the first cremated cat to go into orbit, he is not the first cat to make this voyage into space.  This honor goes to a French stray cat called Felicette, who embarked on a Space voyage on board the Veronique AGI rocket in 1963.  She then returned safe and sound after her suborbital flight of a few minutes.


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