Being in a relationship could help you to quit smoking

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British researchers have said that they have found the best way to stop smoking.  According to their study, being in a relationship helps you to increase your chances of managing to quit smoking.  A partner can be a great form of moral support when trying to achieve this goal.  

British study: Increase chances of quitting

According to Cancer Research UK around 1 in 5 adults smoke in Britain, many of whom are trying to quit.  A study lead by the London Imperial College state that people wishing to stop their tobacco addition sometimes feel alone.  Preventing yourself from taking a cigarette break at work can be tough in terms of a psychological point of view.  What is more, the leading author of the study, Magda Lampridou also takes into consideration certain side effects due nicotine withdrawal.  This can include weight gain, bad mood swings and even sleeping difficulties.

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In the study published in European Society of Cardio (April 2019), researchers believe that being in a relationship can be a real help.  As a couple, there are many substitution activities and distractions like a healthy diet, going to the cinema or out for a walk.  Moreover, a person looking to quit their smoking habit could find their partner a great source of moral support. They can help to give you constructive advice rather than constant reprimands.

The study: Details and results

The study involved 222 smokers with a high risk of cardiovascular illnesses or who had already suffered a heart attack.  What’s more 55% of their partners were also smokers.  The participants followed one of the study’s four preventative cardiovascular programmes.  They were also offered a nicotine substitute, either a patch, chewing gum or Varenicline.

At the end of the study, 64 % of the participants and 75% of their partners had stopped smoking.  In particular, couples trying to stop together were 5.8 times more likely to succeed than a person attempting it alone.  Researchers also noted that former smokers can also help to positively influence their partner.  However former smokers are exposing themselves to a relapse by attempting to support their partner.

Anti – smoking campaign for teenagers

In 2018, the number of teenagers smoking increased by 38%.  According to studies around three quarters of teenagers who start smoking young continue the habit in adulthood.  To combat this problem the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), in partnership with FCB New York Marketing agency launched a new video game aiming to tackle teenage tobacco consumption.  This rather dark and violent game was released as part of ‘The Real Cost’ campaign targeting 12 – 17 years old who start smoking. These are just some of the initiatives aiming to reduce tobacco addiction for younger people.

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