Where are the ten rainiest cities in the world?

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Britain is known internationally as being a country that receives a lot of rainfall.  We might think Glasgow, Bangor, Truro, Lancaster or Leeds are some of the wettest cities in Britain but in comparison to the rest of the world they are fairly dry! Here is a list of the rainiest cities in the world so you can gain a comparison! 

The top ten is dominated by Indian cities

On the 27 March 2019,  WorldAtlas updated the list of the wettest cities in the world with the most rainfall.  Mawsynram and Cherrapunji, located in the Meghalaya region in north-east India are the two cities with the most annual rainfall.  With an annual rainfall respectfully of 11,871 mm and 11,777 mm, these cities are considered to be the wettest on the planet.   In these cities, on average, around 30 litres of water falls per 1 metre squared every day! However it is clear the two cities are not ideally located for dry weather.  Both located in the foothills of the Himalayas, clouds filled with water from the Gulf of Bengal regularly hit the mountains bringing many downpours!

Tutendo or Tutunendo comes in third position seeing an annual rainfall of around 11,770 mm.  This   village in the west of Columbia is located in the heart of the equatorial tropical jungle.  Here the climate is very hot, humid with very little wind and it rains more than 300 days in the year.

None of the wettest cities in the world are found in Europe!
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Hawaii has three villages in the top ten

The other wettest cities in the world are found in New Zealand, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and in China.  However, three cities in the American island of Hawaii, occupy 7th, 8th and 9th position.  The towns of Big Bob, Mont Waialeale and Kukui see around 10,272 mm, 9,763 mm and 9,293 mm of rainfall respectively per year.

In the United Kingdom, Glasgow is considered to be the wettest city with an annual rainfall of around 1,124 mm and 170 days of rain per year.  The rainiest city in England is Lancaster with 1,048 mm per year with around 152 days of rainfall annually.  In comparison to Mawsynram this is about 10 times less rainfall per year!  (Britain is a fairly dry country after all…) In Europe the record of the most annual rainfall is held by Podgirica in Montenegro where it received a little more than 1,600 mm per year.

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